I just checked my mail and i receive this one :  i quickly translate for non japanese speakers, As you can guess they told about the history of the game from flagship to hanbitsoft (i skipped useless things)who continued the developement, they explain that they didn’t had a full control of the data from flagship so they could not upgrade the game as Hanbisoft dev would like to do, it also created issues that they could not fix making customers unsatisfied. For this reason, the service will be terminated. ■ schedule until the end of service (Wed) 13:00 Discontinued premium shop January 23, 2013 (Wed) 09:00 End Game Service, February 27, 2013 March 13, 2013 13:00 Contact reception end Hellgate March 27, 2013 Official Site closure 13:00 (Wed) The next paragraph is about refund of c coin policy that i don’t care, then a paragraph about thanks for customers and the last paragraph is about asking question to support .

I wonder if they are still offering WYD and Mythos in Japan? My gut feeling is WYD and Mythos have less viability than Hellgate and would be discontinued first. Is the Japanese server seperate from the Korean one? Perhaps they were not getting enough revenue to maintain the server? So long as the NorthAmerican/European server caters to all those high rollers in Europe, we should be good for awhile…besides,we can always ask Wada to spend more money 😉

do you really intend to stop playing hellgate?  I know and understand how frustrating Hellgate and especially the Nano-Forge can be. But i hope you wont stop forever. Please come back after taking a break and cooling off. Despite the fact that you stopped playing Hellgate i wish you a merry christmas. Hope you will be back next year.